Fair winds,
Following Seas and
the Safe Harbors of Faith.

Explore Sailing on Sunday, savor history
while getting nourishment for the soul.

From the Helm

A blog, following the story of a woman finding herself while sailing on her Dufour GL 500.

As she sails along the East Coast of the U.S., she collects memories from the great Episcopal churches she encounters.

From the Helm features thoughts on life as an Episcopalian.

Featured Blog Post

The Power of a Sermon
July 5, 2022
Susan Hynes

I have been an Episcopalian all my life. I had never known anything else, and even when I was not active or in my hippy days, I always identified with being an Episcopalian. But, like many of my...

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If you are a sailor, or a collector, and wonder about why some churches have hard pews and others comfy ones, take a look at our Church summaries.

As we port in various cities on the East Coast, we check out the churches and share our thoughts on the church experiences and fun things to do in the area after church.

Are you visiting one soon? Leave me a message with your thoughts.